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Custom Wood Gazebos

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Fresh Start Custom Wood Gazebo products.

Many happy customers have found our wood gazebos to be the perfect centerpiece of their backyard or garden. Our wood gazebos feature the finest in materials and craftsmanship and are available in whatever style best suits your setting. The wood gazebos are constructed of #1 pressure treated, twice-kiln dried southern yellow pine and rust proof hardware. All of the gazebos include a complete floor system, turned spindles and a cupola. They can be finished in clear or cedar-tinted weatherproofing stain, white paint or left unfinished. They can be roofed in #1 cedar shake shingle, metal in seventeen colors or in 30-year dimensional asphalt shingle in any color available at a lumberyard. We use screws in our construction rather than nails or staples to ensure many years of enjoyment from your gazebo. All gazebos are covered by a limited 40-year warranty against rot and termites.

Custom Vinyl Gazebos
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Fresh Start Custom Maintenance Free products.

Our custom vinyl gazebos are 100% maintenance-free yet still provide the traditional beauty of a wood gazebo. They are available in three styles, four shapes and four different colors. They are available with a 50-year rubber slate roof in two colors, metal roof in seventeen colors or with a 30-year dimensional asphalt shingle roof in any color available at a lumber yard. All vinyl gazebos include a complete parqueted Permapoly floor system, UV protected vinyl to resist chalking, fading and cracking, cupola, stainless steel hardware and a limited 20-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

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